Personal Learning Path

Lrnr measures efficacy and competency as students study. Adaptive assessment is an advanced from of formative assessment based on Blooms Levels, Item Response Theory (IRT) and proprietary algorithms that adapt quizzes to cognition and retention for each student. Assessment is built on Game Theory principles to make it fun and motivating, as well as instructive and efficient.

Adaptive Assessment

Questions in Lrnr’s testing modules automatically adapt to each student’s cognition level and understanding, based on time taken to respond and other quantified factors. A combination of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Fill In the Blank questions (FIB) and Hybrid questions (HYB) let students test themselves and progress at their own pace.

Helps students find their way

Like a GPS for learning, Learning Path gives step-by-step guidance and serves up the lessons each student needs to master to complete their course, omitting content that has already been mastered. The Learning Path is continually adjusted to enable students to achieve their objectives in the shortest possible time. Lrnr monitors study activity and points students to the next appropriate topic. Guidance is based on student’s individual performance, ability, learning style, and retention.