Analytics drive smarter teaching and learning

Lrnr continuously measures learning so students and teachers can manage outcomes with precise data about class and individual student progress. Feedback reports based on student generated data deliver actionable information that help students and instructors work more efficiently and effectively.

Transform data into action

Individual analytic reports for each student’s cognition, retention and status with regard to specific topics and learning objectives help both students and teachers monitor learning progress and provide detailed feedback identifying problem areas.
  • Students and instructors are able to determine what students already know and to what degree.
  • Instructors can decide what changes they need to make so that all students can succeed.
  • Instructors can intervene with appropriate remediation for groups of learners or individual students.

Student Reports

Student Analytics provide detailed reports so students can monitor their achievement step-by-step during a course or training program.

Instructor Reports

Detailed reports for each student can be utilized to provide appropriate guidance and remediation. Analytic reports for teachers detail performance against learning objectives, cognition, activity, learning behavior and provide recommendations.