Personalized learning for everyone
Adaptive Learning Platform
based on
Individual Ability
Analytics for
Data Driven
Lectures and other supplemental material are integrated onto Lrnr.
Improving student outcomes with personalized learning
Lrnr guides each student through a personalized learning process and orchestrates rich digital educational content to deliver a more effective, engaging and satisfying experience, resulting in more successful outcomes due to improved lesson focus and increased student effort, engagement and excitement. Lrnr acts as virtual tutor, providing content and experiences that are paced, sequenced and optimized for each student based on their particular needs, abilities, proficiency and progress.
How it
Lrnr works by constantly and invisibly collecting and analyzing enormous amounts of real-time data as each student interacts with digital content and then, using a sophisticated combination of cognitive analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other advanced data science, it determines each student’s strengths, weaknesses, knowledge gaps and optimal combinations of instruction and content.
Where does the content come from?
Content in the form of a textbook can come from anywhere; publishers, faculty or other learning content providers. It is “ingested” into the Lrnr platform in a process illustrated below:
Content is converted by Lrnr into a standard format.
Subject matter experts build a Knowledge Graph and Assessment libraries.
Content is tagged and the UI is configured or customized.
Supplementary material like lecture slides, flashcards, audio and video are added to enhance and enrich the core learning content.