Pochys Ventures Announces LrnrTM Adaptive Learning Platform

Personalized learning for students and actionable analytics for educational institutions, enterprises and educational content providers.


July 15, 2014 – Vallejo, CA

Today educational technology startup Pochys Ventures announced availability of the Lrnr Adaptive Learning Platform.

Lrnr enables schools, content providers, and organizations with large-scale training requirements to provide personalized learning content that adapts to all types of students, enabling them to learn more and achieve better outcomes.

Lrnr is a content agnostic, cloud-based adaptive learning platform that integrates educational content with intuitive personal learning tools, adaptive assessments, individualized learning paths and precise analytics to make it easy to deliver personalized learning experiences that make studying and learning more efficient, effective and engaging.

More information about Lrnr is available on the company’s website at


Improving student outcomes with personalized learning

Lrnr guides each student through a personalized learning process and orchestrates digital educational content and adaptive assessment resulting in more successful learning outcomes for students. Lrnr provides content and experiences that are optimized for each student based on their particular needs, abilities, proficiency and progress. Lrnr personalizes content and assessment across five dimensions; pace, sequence, presentation, difficulty level and remedial focus.


Analytics enable instructors to transform data into action

Lrnr’s accurate, detailed and actionable real-time analytic reports help students stay on-track and allow instructors to monitor student progress and pinpoint problem areas requiring remediation. Students and instructors perform better with precise feedback tied to specific learning objectives that Lrnr provides.


Closing the book on one-size-fits-all education

Founder and CEO Aravind Pochiraju said, “Learning is personal, but the way we get educated is anything but personal. The current one-size-fits-all approach to education doesn’t work well. Everybody is unique, so we aim to provide personalized learning for everyone. We’re focused on providing a robust, practical, cost-effective solution for adaptive learning that delivers measurably superior results. But what really excites us are the amazingly positive outcomes that personalized learning experiences make possible. Lrnr enables students to learn more, faster and easier, at their own pace and in their own individual way.


Pochiraju continued, “We’re targeting Lrnr to educational content publishers who need to deliver content with adaptive learning features to stay competitive, to schools and universities that want to improve student outcomes and reduce attrition and to companies that need to better manage training time, cost and efficacy.”


How it works

Lrnr works by constantly and invisibly collecting and analyzing enormous amounts of real-time data as each student interacts with digital content. Then, using a combination of cognitive analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other advanced data science, Lrnr determines each student’s strengths, weaknesses, knowledge gaps and optimal combinations of content and assessment.

Lrnr creates a personalized Learning Path that furnishes each student with recommendations, guidance, assessments and content focused on their high-priority learning objectives and adjusted to best suit their proficiency and competency.


How it works - August 1

Scalable, reliable and made for mobility

Lrnr is an enterprise-grade SaaS solution designed to reliably deliver courses and learning apps at scale. Its modern cloud-based architecture is optimized for mobility and high availability, and it works with virtually any kind of content. Lrnr can integrate easily with LMS (learning management systems) and other types of online learning and management systems. Lrnr runs in a web browser or in native apps for iOS and Android tablets where it even works offline.


Key features

Lrnr features a set of intuitive personal annotation tools, a wide range of activity-based learning/study aids, and quizzes that adapt to each student’s ability. A unique Adaptive Sidebar offers supplementary content including instructor lectures and notes that are dynamically synchronized to the main learning content. Content and assessments are continuously adapted to each student.



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