Lrnr Adaptive Learning Solutions Announces Partnership with OpenStax College

Adaptive learning platform vendor and publisher of open-source textbooks enter partnership to bring personalized learning to college textbooks


September 29, 2014 – Vallejo, CA

Today educational technology startup Lrnr Adaptive Learning Solutions (Pochys Ventures, Inc.) announced a partnership with OpenStax College to distribute OpenStax College textbooks on the Lrnr Adaptive Learning Platform where the content is personalized for each student.


Lrnr enables content publishers like OpenStax College to provide learning content that automatically adapts to all types of students, enabling them to learn more and achieve better outcomes. The Lrnr platform also provides actionable analytics that help instructors provide exactly the type of remediation each student needs.


Lrnr is a content agnostic, cloud-based educational content delivery, personalization and analytics platform that integrates textbooks with intuitive personal learning tools, adaptive assessments, individualized learning paths and precise analytics to deliver personalized learning experiences that make studying and learning more efficient, effective and engaging.


More information about Lrnr is available on the company’s website at


OpenStax College is a nonprofit initiative at Rice University committed to improving student access to quality learning materials. OpenStax College’s free textbooks are developed and peer-reviewed by educators to ensure they are readable, accurate and meet the scope and sequence requirements of college courses.


More information about OpenStax College is available on their website at


Closing the book on one-size-fits-all education

Lrnr’s Founder and CEO Aravind Pochiraju said, “OpenStax College textbooks have been adopted for use at nearly 1,000 colleges, and universities and high schools around the world, so our partnership opens up a large market for Lrnr’s adaptive learning platform.”


Mr. Pochiraju added that “The current one-size-fits-all approach to education doesn’t work well. Everybody is unique, so we aim to provide personalized learning for everyone.

We’re focused on providing robust, practical, cost-effective solutions for adaptive learning that deliver measurably superior results. But what really excites us is the amazingly positive outcomes that personalized learning experiences make possible. Lrnr enables students to learn more, faster and easier, at their own pace and in their own individual way.

David Harris, Editorial Director at OpenStax College said, “Our partnership with Lrnr is further evidence of a rapidly expanding ecosystem of partners around open content that is providing a greater choice of learning resources for faculty and students than ever before.”


Immediate availability

Two OpenStax College textbooks are available immediately on the Lrnr Adaptive Learning Platform; OpenStax College Physics and OpenStax College Anatomy and Physiology. Advantages of using OpenStax College textbooks on the Lrnr platform are personalization, interactive activities, assessments, analytics and support for instructor-contributed content.


OpenStax College textbooks powered by Lrnr offer colleges and universities a compelling alternative to traditional printed textbooks and traditional digital textbooks by providing a digital textbook that personalizes itself for each student and provides a wealth of actionable analytic data that can be used by faculty and instructors to help deliver better and more satisfying student outcomes.


Faculty and institutions interested in more information about using OpenStax textbooks powered by Lrnr should contact Lrnr by phone at 551-333-5505 or by e-mail at


How it works

Lrnr works by constantly and invisibly collecting and analyzing enormous amounts of real-time data as each student interacts with digital content. Using a combination of cognitive analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other advanced data science, Lrnr guides each student through a personalized learning process and orchestrates content and assessments optimized for each student’s proficiency and competency.


About Lrnr Adaptive Learning Solutions

Lrnr is an enterprise-grade SaaS solution designed to reliably deliver courses and learning apps at scale. Its cloud-based architecture is optimized for mobility and high availability, and it works with virtually any kind of content. Lrnr can integrate with LMS (learning management systems) and other types of online learning and management systems. Lrnr runs in a web browser and in native apps for iOS and Android tablets where it even works offline.


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