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Adaptive learning solutions company completes long-cycle pilot studies with 18 colleges to improve personalized learning courses using OpenStax textbooks.

August 20, 2016 – Vallejo, Calif.

Educational technology company Lrnr Adaptive Learning Solutions (Pochys Ventures, Inc.) has completed pilots at 18 universities and colleges for its personalized courses, and seventy percent of these colleges have formally adopted Lrnr’s adaptive courseware for Fall 2016.   

Lrnr is a cloud-based educational content delivery, personalization and analytics platform that integrates OpenStax digital textbook content with intuitive personal learning tools and adaptive assessments. OpenStax’s free textbooks are developed and peer-reviewed by educators to ensure they are readable, accurate and meet the scope and sequence requirements of introductory college courses. Lrnr’s platform provides individualized learning paths and precise analytics creating personalized learning experiences that make studying and learning more efficient, effective and engaging.

“I used Lrnr’s adaptive Anatomy and Physiology course in Fall 2015 and Spring of 2016. It is obvious that students who use Lrnr received better grades on their exams,” said Professor Yvette Pawlowski from Central Texas College.

“Students who are utilizing Lrnr’s adaptive quizzes are getting better grades in my class,” agreed Professor Stephanie Loveless from Danville Area Community College. “My students are more engaged during lecture and are asking better, more thoughtful questions.”

Colleges that piloted the Lrnr adaptive learning system this Fall were able to take advantage of student learning personalization, interactive adaptive assessments and learning activities, analytics, assignments with grade book, and support for instructor-contributed content.

Lrnr enables presentation of personalized learning experiences with an enterprise-grade cloud-based delivery platform that uses formative assessment, knowledge application and problem-solving activities, and other learning observation and measurement methods to optimally adapt content – including test questions – for each individual. Content is personalized across five dimensions; pace, sequence, difficulty, mode and remedial focus.

In this market, in order to disrupt, you have to displace,” Lrnr CEO Aravind Pochiraju said. “Lrnr’s mission is to displace expensive, static, one-size-fits-all textbooks with affordable, personalized and rich learning courseware.”  

OpenStax textbooks powered by Lrnr offer colleges and universities a compelling alternative to traditional textbooks. Six OpenStax textbooks are available on the Lrnr Adaptive Learning Platform:  College Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, Concepts of Biology, Psychology, Principles of Economics and Introduction to Sociology. By providing a digital textbook that personalizes itself to each student, and provides a wealth of actionable analytic data, faculty and instructors can help deliver better and more satisfying student outcomes.

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