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Courses offered for pilot:

Non-Majors Biology click here

Majors Biology click here

Anatomy & Physiology click here

Psychology click here

Sociology click here

  • Absolutely FREE to students for the Fall semester 2017
  • Actively adopted in over 39 US Colleges
  • Test Lrnr and its benefits in your class for FREE

Superior educational resources should not be expensive or One-Size-Fits-All. We offer personalized learning for everyone.

If you are motivated by change and know that our current educational content model needs to represent today’s students and would like to take advantage of the pilot …

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Every Lrnr solution comes with:

    • Personalized quizzes for every section in a chapter based on our Course Positioning System (CPS®)
    • Over 35 different activity types to enhance the learning experience
    • Detailed analytics to help understand gaps of each individual student
    • Time on task to understand student behavior
    • Seamless Assignment and Gradebook Integration with LMS

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* Free pilot only valid for new instructors who have not used Lrnr before.